How is Bee Designed Online different?

Bee Designed is a new way to get the designer rooms you’ll love… at a price you’ll love even more. By combining traditional in-home interior design and technology, we have created a way for connecting customers with our professional designers, streamlining the design process, and making beautiful interior design affordable and risk free.

Bee Designed Online unique service promises the following:

  • Multiple design concept proposals

  • A fun and simple experience prioritizing top customer service

  • Exclusive discounts of up to 45% at well known furniture stores

  • An accomplished team of designers

  • Fixed prices that are 80% less than traditional interior design

  • A 100% satisfaction guarantee

  • 3D realistic design concepts

  • In-home assistance in Gig Harbor and the surrounding South Sound Area

Are professional designers part of the Bee Designed Online Team?

Yes. We are trained interior design professionals and have studied from some of the best schools in the US. Our team collectively covers every style, budget range and project size. All of our designers have interior design degrees.

What’s included in our custom-made design packages?

  • 3D renderings of your new room prepared for you on interior design software and presented in a picture format.  Your new design will use the perfect combination based on your choices of new and existing decor pieces. By having our team design your room in 3D, we will take the guesswork out of the designing process and prevent costly mistakes.

  • Floor plan and furniture placement for your unique space.  We will provide you with an effective and aesthetic spatial layout that best suits your interior so that you only have to rearrange your furniture once.

  • Itemized shopping list with store links and pricing.  Your list will eliminate any uncertainty you may have about the décor item by providing its size, color, and fabric specifications if needed.  This means no more running around from store to store trying to find the perfect piece.  Of course, you’ll have the flexibility to buy the items on your own timeline as your budget permits and we can assist with shopping for you.

  • Paint color palette to complement your space. We will recommend complementary paint colors (at least one main wall color and two accent colors) from a well-known company such as Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore.

  • Tips and Implementation Guide will also be prepared by our design team.  This will help keep you organized during the decorating process by providing an easy to follow to-do list and other home decorating advice to ensure your design success.